Damara Dik-Dik Ranch is a truly unspoiled wilderness. It is 10,000 acres and offers a spectacular mountainous valley, vast plains and an incredible diversity of both Fauna and flora. Situated 260 miles north of Windhoek, Namibia's Capital, it is a 4 hour highway (B1) drive to your relaxing African hunting destination.

Damara Dik-Dik Ranch is managed and owned by the Lopes family who built a lodge to perfection and transformed it into an exclusive “Bowhunting only” ranch. Hunters may choose any of our ten hunting blinds (6 elevated and 4 ground) shooting up to 20 yards or "walk and stalk" should the client prefer.

Only 45 minutes by highway from Damara Dik-Dik Lodge is La-Rochelle Ranch which is well known in the hunting industry. We became the proud owners in 2011 and have rebuilt the Lodge and accommodation into a first class operation. La Rochelle is 20,000 acres and offers vast plains and savanna bush , ideal for “walk and stalk” or you can hunt from any of the 7 blinds at waterholes shooting up to 120 yards.

From years of experience we respect that bowhunters prefer to hunt on property that is exclusive for bowhunters. This is why we have La-Rochelle for rifle hunting. We can accommodate mixed groups (rifle & bow) with everyone staying at one lodge but hunting the two separate properties depending on the weapon of choice. We also give our clients the oppertunity and choice to have the lodge exclusively for themselves in other words no mixed groups.

Damara Dik-Dik Safaris also has a fleet of vehicles for hunting and transportation of our valued clients. We have two fully equipped double cab Toyota Land Cruisers and two fully equipped single cab Toyota Land Cruisers for hunting purposes, one 10 seater Land Rover for game drives and a 7 seater Mercedes Benz crew bus for the transportation from and to the international airport. We personally collect all our clients ourselves.

While hunting, all clients Bowhunters and Rifle hunters will be accompanied by a professional hunter to point out and guarantee top quality trophies. We do not make use of the so called radio PH meaning outfitters that leaves a client in a blind with a two way radio to call when something has been shot. After the hunt we supply you with an unedited DVD copy of your hunt and by the end of the hunting season we comply a DVD of all the hunts. We also specialize in trophy photos and supply you with a CD with all your trophy pictures taken by ourselves after the hunt, all at no additional cost.